Sportsmetrics Injury Prevention


Catalyst Physical Therapy is proud to offer Sportsmetrics to the Bitterroot Valley! Sportsmetrics is the only scientifically proven training program designed for athletes to reduce the risk of serious knee injuries through a progression of closely monitored skills. In addition, the program has been shown to enhance performance through increased speed, agility, and vertical jump height. The training elements addressed include plyometrics, speed, agility, strength, and flexibility training. Initially, the focus is on correct body mechanics and technique, but the athletes are quickly progressed to more performance and power based training as they master skills.


As part of the program, each athlete will go through Sports Injury Testing (SIT) to determine their relative risk for injury before and after the training. This will include a computerized jump analysis, strength and flexibility testing, and performance based tests. The jump analysis uses specialized software to calculate relative joint angles upon landing and take off. Research shows that an angle of <60% at the knee is considered to be a higher risk for serious knee injuries including ACL and MCL tears. Our very own physical therapist, Dr. Suzy Berland, is the only Certified Sportsmetrics Trainer in the Bitterroot Valley and is excited to be able to offer Sportsmetrics to our athletes.

The athlete pictured above completed the Sportsmetrics program with Dr. Suzy Berland during the winter session 2016-2017. These are the results from the jump analysis portion of the Sports Injury Testing before and after training. The image to the left is before training and reveals an angle at the knee <60% (increased risk for knee injury) where as the image to the right is after training with a knee angle of >60% (decreased risk for knee injury). Click on images to view larger.

  • We are currently offering FREE Sports Injury Testing to determine if your athlete is AT RISK for injury!

  • Contact Suzy Berland with any questions about the program and how to sign up at Catalyst Physical Therapy 406-363-2494.

  • Follow the link for more information about the program.


Keep your athlete in the game by preventing season ending knee injuries with Sportsmetrics!