Dr. Caleb Kemp, PT

Caleb Kemp, DPT

Caleb graduated from the University of Montana Physical Therapy program with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2018. Prior to PT school, his background was in exercise science, health and human performance, and gerontology. His specialties include spinal and extremity joint mobilization and high velocity thrust technique, pain neuroscience, running video assessment and injuries, and general orthopedics. He believes in, and practices by, the three pillars of superior patient care; patient preference, best evidence practice, and clinical expertise.
Caleb was born and raised in Helena, MT and has resided in the Bitterroot Valley since 2000. He and his wife are currently raising their son and daughter in Hamilton. They enjoy biking, skiing, boating, hiking, fishing, camping, and playing bluegrass together. Caleb worked as a timber framer and fine furniture maker in the Bitterroot for 12 years before returning to school to achieve a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree.