Our Staff

At the Top of Our Field

Great therapy relies on top-notch therapists. We pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our staff. Our therapists always aim to deliver the highest level of care. Our hands-on approach combined with the latest therapeutic exercise techniques gets you results.

At Catalyst, you will only be treated by a physical therapist. You will never be passed off to an aide, athletic trainer or physical therapy assistant.

We know you expect excellence at all levels of your health care. Our ongoing commitment to excellence sets us apart from other physical therapist clinics. Our focus on continuing education and the further development of our staff ensures that you will receive outstanding service and treatment. You can be confident that your therapist possesses the knowledge, experience and commitment needed to get you back into the game of life.


Catalyst Physical Therapy has a great team of skilled physical therapists. Each physical therapist brings a unique skill-set and knowledge base to create a well-rounded, balanced team. Continuing education, evidence-based practice, sharing or knowledge, and collaboration is strongly encouraged and leads to more effective and efficient physical therapy.

Rebekah Stamp


Angela Saporita


Caleb Kemp

Caleb Kemp, DPT

Amy Messer